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EZ Modulo 27/27

EZ MODULO™ has two 27" Full HD monitors and extra-large players deck as well as optional 15” iDeck with convenient game selector. Its modular design allows easy conversion.

EZ Modulo 32/32

EZ MODULO™ on spell binding 32" screens offers the full HD game package GORILLA WHEEL™, consisting of six titles and the full HD SPEED KING™ multigame with 60 titles.

EZ Modulo Titan

EZ Modulo Tower

Featuring 32” UHD main monitor and impressive 43” UHD J-curved monitor for displaying the jackpot accumulations and the winning celebrations, EZ MODULO TITAN™ offers superior ergonomics and improved players experience.

EZ MODULO TOWER™ combines the ultimate gaming experience with the quality in craftsmanship, featuring unique 43-inch UHD J-curved monitor with full touchscreen capabilities.

Gemini Plus

This tried and tested classic upright cabinet of CT Gaming now offers improved functionality and design. New features include 2 x 19“ panorama LCD displays, additional 3rd display built in the keyboard panel as well as ergonomic keyboard button placement.

Sensa Plus

Modern and functional design of SENSA PLUS™ ensures high level of player comfort in combination with security, serviceability, and variety of customisation options.


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