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Gamopolis 41 – New, Improved and Ready to take on the LPM Market

Casino Technology’s latest LPM multigame, Gamopolis 41 offers 4 brand new titles within a 6 game package and is ready for roll out in the LPM Market. We caught up with Cliff Lamberton, Managing Director at Atomic Gaming, official distributors of Casino Technology in Africa, to find out more about their latest LPM Game – Gamopolis 41.

What is the history of Casino Technology’s LPM offering in South Africa?

We started exploring the LPM Market in 2011 and identified an opportunity to provide a competitive product for this growing sector. We chose to work with Casino Technology based on their footprint across 15 countries and experience in developing custom game offerings for local markets.  We launched the first multigame from Casino Technology at Wild Coast Winter Games in 2014 and have now brought out a new offering, Gamopolis 41.

Talking about Gamopolis 41, what is different about it from previous games? 

We have introduced 4 new game titles to this LPM multi-game suite – Brilliants on Fire, Golden Amulet, Big Joker and Cockatoo. We are particularly looking forward to seeing how players respond to Golden Amulet and Brilliants on Fire due to their exciting bonus game features with substantial pay-outs.

The 5th and 6th games to complete the multigame suite, Lucky Clover and Shining Treasure, has been maintained from the previous multigame Gamopolis 40 due to proven popularity. Graphics on all games have also been enriched to offer greater player appeal. 

What about the cabinet, has there been any changes?

Gamopolis 41 will still be housed in Casino Technology’s sturdy and robust Gemini Cabinet with 19 inch LCD display. This modern and sophisticated slot machine offers easy serviceability and minimum downtime, as proven over the years where installed.

MEI bill acceptors are a standard in all machines, offering sustained reliability.


When will the product ready for roll out?

We have already installed Gamopolis 41 at some our existing clients’ sites and look forward to adding a few new sites to the list.

For further information on Casino Technology’s LPM products contact Atomic Gaming on +27 11 514 5100 or

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