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Casino Technology’s Gamopolis 42 LPM Game Entertains with Even More Variety

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Gamopolis 42, the latest LPM (Limited Payout Machine) multigame pack from Casino Technology offers 10 exciting games including 4 brand new titles.  This engaging LPM multigame is already entertaining players at several top LPM sites throughout Eastern Cape, Gauteng, North-West, Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal provinces. This new Gamopolis 42 game package has been installed and has connected seamlessly to the newly released MCS for the LPM market in South Africa. 


Casino Technology in partnership with Atomic Gaming have been operational in the South African LPM market since 2011, and Gamopolis 42 game package is the 3rdrelease into the South African market offering 10 unique games, and the unique capability to configure each and every game individually as per LPM site needs.


“Casino Technology values the South African LPM Market and is dedicated to providing only the best in player entertainment. The research and development that went into fine tuning the Gamopolis 42 LPM multigame is proof of this.  With this game release, we are particularly looking forward to seeing players’ response to the various game titles that offer exciting and unique Wild symbols, Scatter Symbols, and Expanding Wilds including the extra game feature,” said Andrew Stewart, Operations Director: Atomic Gaming, official distributors of Casino Technology in Africa.

The Gemini cabinet is known for its durable and hard-wearing design, perfect for the LPM market in South Africa. This attractive slot machine offers easy serviceability and minimum downtime, as proven over the years and this is where the Gamopolis 42 is housed, making for easy changes between games if required, offering sustained reliability.

“This year Casino Technology celebrates their 21stanniversary and we are proud to be in partnership with such an innovative company dedicated to support local operators and player entertainment,” said Andrew Stewart.

For further information on Casino Technology’s LPM products contact Atomic Gaming on +27 11 514 5100 or

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