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Interblock Stadium SUPANOVA, a first for Africa at Peermont Global’s Prestigious Emperors Palace

Andrew Stewart and Bethuel Ledwaba_Emper

Pictured here is Bethuel Ledwaba, General Manager for Gaming at Emperors Palace (Left) and Andrew Stewart, Operations Director at Atomic Gaming at the prestigious venue's launch of Interblock Stadium Gaming!

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – The stars aligned and history was made on 6 June as SUPANOVA launched at Peermont Global’s Flagship Casino, Emperors Palace. Leading the way in Africa, Emperors Palace offers the first Interblock Stadium Gaming Experience on the continent and joins prestigious international gaming venues across America, Asia and Europe.

SUPANOVA offers players the selection of Punto Banco, Live and Auto Roulette as well as Multihand Blackjack that can be played from any one of the 30 state of the art play stations on the Interblock Stadium.

“Interblock’s Stadium Gaming experience ushers in the next generation of premium gaming as it balances the comfort and privacy of a gaming terminal with the thrill of playing tables.  The finishes on Interblock is unrivalled and provides for a spectacular and sophisticated player experience,” said Andrew Stewart, Operations Director for Atomic Gaming, the official distributors of Interblock Luxury Gaming Products in Africa.

Next Generation of Electronic Tables Games
Interblock’s Stadium Gaming Experience is versatile and offers an engaging experience for new players as well as seasoned gamblers. Players that are new to the game can learn in a comfortable environment without the intimidation of a live table.  Whereas seasoned gamblers will enjoy the speed at which the games are played as well as the variety on offer from the comfort of one seating position.

Variety of Games
Talking about variety, Interblock is the only company to offer multiple game options including  electronic, dealer assist and automated generators, allowing for up to six different game forms:

  • Wheel generator: Roulette (Single or Double Zero)

  • Dice generator: Craps and Sic Bo

  • Traditional Card: Baccarat and Blackjack

  • Multi-Hand Card: Blackjack

SUPANOVA at Emperors Palace offers guests four exciting ways to play, automated, electronic and dealer assisted generators.

Electronic Punto Banco
The popular card game with origins in France, now enjoyed worldwide and especially in prestigious Asian gaming destinations such as Macau.

Electronic Multihand Black Jack
Unique to Interblock, Multi Hand Blackjack offers the player the opportunity to play up to 3 hands at once.  Before each new hand begins, the player has the option to place their wager on either 1, 2 or all 3 of the clearly marked betting areas for the 3 hands.

Automated Roulette
A 24 hour a day, fully automated version of the popular roulette game uses carefully calculated air pressure to launch the ball onto the brim.  A series of optical and proximity sensors tracks the ball during its path, detects and displays its final position.
Dealer Assisted Live Roulette
Interblock’s dealer assist platform combines a live dealer at the front of the stadium with electronic placement of wagers through the play stations. The live table uses a state of the art semi–automatic Roulette wheel.

Interblock’s Stadium Gaming Experience offers exceptional customisability and flexibility, allowing operators the option to maximise their floor space and profit through an almost infinite number of configurations.  Operators can add any number of play stations, live dealer assisted game generators as well as automated and video generators.

Interblock - Specialists in Electronic Table Games
Casino operators worldwide know Interblock as a leading developer and supplier of luxury electronic table gaming products. Interblock’s multi-player gaming devices continually set industry standards and provide the ultimate in luxury interactive entertainment experiences for our customers’ players.

“With over 25 years of creative innovation and a rich tradition of technological perfection, our company and our products are recognized and trusted worldwide for their distinctive style and superior quality. It is an honour and privilege to have so many international business relationships that span several years, and now has extended to a prestigious venue such as Peermont Global’s Emperors Palace with this pioneering installation of Interblock’s Stadium Gaming in Africa, said,” Joc Pececnik, Chairman of the Board: Interblock.

For more information on Interblock Stadium Gaming Experience, contact Atomic Gaming, official distributors of Interblock in Africa on +27 11 514 5000 or visit


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