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Casino Technology Installation at Millionaires Casino Nairobi breaks new ground for Kenya

KENYA, Nairobi – Millionaires Gaming Africa are the first in Nairobi to offer players the exciting EZ Modulo 27/27 gaming experience from Casino Technology.

African distributors of Casino Technology, Atomic Gaming, completed an installation in the brand new Millionaires Casino Nairobi which opened in September. The 3rd largest casino in Africa in terms of gaming space on a single floor, this plush and luxurious new gaming property is set to be a key attraction in not only Kenya, but the entire central and eastern African region.

The installation on the Main Floor of the casino was completed in August and included three of Casino Technology's most popular and innovative products, which offer exceptional value.

New to the Kenyan market, the EZ MODULO™ 27/27 has two 27” Full HD monitors and an extra-large players deck for superior comfort. Its contemporary, modular design also allows for easy conversion. The EZ MODULO™ 27/27 is offered with SPEED KING™ multi-game with up to 60 titles, also a first in Kenya. Added to the EZ MODULO™ 27/27 offering is the GORILLA WHEEL™ game package with a 4-level progressive symbol driven jackpot.

Perfectly suited to the upmarket appeal of MGA Nairobi, the ARCH™ TITAN, with its luxurious chrome touch and contemporary presentation, was also installed by Atomic Gaming. The ARCH™ TITAN combines 43” horizontally curved full HD main monitor and 43” vertically curved top box with a precisely calculated viewing angle. Complete with GAMOPOLIS, a dedicated multi-game platform which offers both established, successful games and exclusive, brand new titles.

An exciting inclusion in this installation is the Fusion Mystery Jackpot, available on both the EZ MODULO™ 27/27 and the ARCH™ TITAN. The inclusion of the BUFFALO™ Universal Jackpot Server has provided flexible options to connect a wide range of slot machines to a Mystery Jackpot, using industry standard SAS protocol.

“We are proud of another Casino Technology installation on the African continent and wish the MGA Team every success in the coming months and years with this prestigious gaming destination. We are pleased to note Casino Technology’s performance has been excellent and trust it will continue in this trend,” said Andrew Stewart: Operations Director at Atomic Gaming.

About Atomic Gaming Atomic Gaming is the largest independent supplier of Gaming Equipment in Africa. The company holds rights for the distribution of prestigious international gaming brands such as IGT, Interblock and Casino Technology. Atomic Gaming’s B-BBEE Procurement Recognition Level is 100%. Clients include gaming operations of a few gaming machines up to 1000's of machines across Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

For more information on Casino Technology contact Atomic Gaming, on +11 514 5100 or email

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